Google Reader vs. MyYahoo!

I’ve recently switched allegiances from MyYahoo. This has been a long time coming, but its amazing how fast the transition was once I started. Generally speaking, I am not a Google early adopter. I find their applications generally rough (read beta) and as much hype as function.

I would not have switched at all had I not stumbled across instructions how to export my existing RSS information from Yahoo using the Yahoo API. I had nosed around before on Yahoo to see if I could do this and it was not apparent.

So, my feeds safely imported into Google Reader, it took about an hour to learn the tool and figure out how my information should be classified. It wasn’t perfect and will not be for a while, but it so much more useful. At this point I consider MyYahoo to be more of an advanced bookmarking utility, and Google Reader actually helps me stay on top of the information that’s important to me by showing me what is read, what isnt, and allowing me to revisit items of interest. With MyYahoo, I had to scroll through pages of feeds every day to stay on top of things, and if not getting to them in time meant loosing the information…

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