Lean UX is about communication

There are few articles linked below on Agile & UX that I really love. The common theme between them is the replacement of documentation (PRD, Func Spec) with team communication. Teams develop a shared understanding as they work together. The user’s voice is championed by UX but because other disciplines are involved from the start leaps can be made in how a feature or workflow is built, usually more technically sound with better quality.

In The new user story backlog is a map Jeff Patten describes how story mapping creates momentum for the team and is the basis for presenting the fundamental direction to the team. The team works together to understand the problem and user goals and plans what needs to be done first to be able to create a minimum viable product that can be tested.

In “Lean UX: Getting out of the Deliverables Business” Jeff Gothelf describes how UX Designers can lead the charge, and work with the scrum team, to create better results and software than could have been done otherwise.

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