Clearing things up

I find this funny, but not many others do. I love the simplicity. Everyone uses the same six words in corporate America to describe several thousand discrete concepts: data, workflow, content…this dude solved it.


Glad we all agree!?!

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Folks really buy into corporate trends without understanding the underlying meaning. My favorite was when we asked 1000s of internal developers if they would recommend a consumer product they’d never used or heard of to a friend or colleague.

Change my ass…

This is so genius. Corporate America will fight to the end to preserve the status quo, but they sure do give a lot of lip service to innovation and change, particularly when it does not apply to whatever they are working on.

Too busy!!

This explains so much of my existence…and how so many folks just plunder forward on a path, breaking down doors that were already open.


You killed my father…

I got bored with the onslaught of scam outreach on my mobile number. Shocking how many scammers have not seen Princess Bride.

Note: this was the first of many exchanges with various scammers….