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Design Strategy + Innovation

Career Highlights

A few areas that I am particularly proud of in my career that intersect my core talents and my passions.


Creating programs and processes to drive customer understanding and empathy into every product design and delivery level. I leverage customer councils to decrease risk in strategic investments. I create processes and systems to manage customer outreach, target the right personas, prevent overuse, and show customers an ROI on their investments. I leverage Jobs to Be Done to understand desired customer outcomes better.

Product Design & Architecture

I take great pride in having led experience design vision, and strategy for the ground-up delivery of two marquee Autodesk products redefining customers’ data collaboration and project delivery for massive, multi-year projects. I am grateful for the design teams I led to achieve the excellent user experiences we delivered in complex industries and for all they taught me.

Human-Centered Design

Certified instructor & facilitator in the LUMA system of human-centered design. Co-founded the LUMA program at Autodesk. Leading facilitator of strategic initiatives and customer engagements.

Mental Model Research

Apprenticed with Indi Young to lead all aspects of mental model research for diverse clients in healthcare, technology, fast food, and universities.

Sum of the Parts

Designed, branded, and co-founded the Sum of the Parts speakers series, which ran for two years with the support of Lou Rosenfeld. The speakers included Chris Noessel, Kate Rutter, Don Norman, and others. Additionally, local designers were given a voice in the Sum of the Parts Flips the Stage event.